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September Legion Early Bird Campaign/Renewals for Memberships startsSeptember 2 Second World War ends (1945)September 3 Merchant Navy Veterans DaySeptember 8 Battle of Medak Pocket (1993)September 10 World Suicide Prevention DaySeptember 11 September 11 attacks (2001)September 13 – 18 is Legion weekSeptember 17 Operation Medusa (2006)September 17 Military Family Appreciation DaySeptember 19 Battle of Britain (1940)September […]


Our deepest sympathy is expressed to the families of Associate member June Forsyth and Legionsupporter Don Halpenny.


In November 1925, the Canadian Legion was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Services League. The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Services League was incorporated by a special Act of Parliament the following year.[1] The Legion grew steadily through the 1930s and then expanded rapidly following the Second World War.[2] In 1960, Queen Elizabeth […]


Branch 245 sends condolences to the Forsyth Family on the passing of Comrade June Forsyth. There will be a Legion service for Comrade June Forsyth Thursday July 29th at 7 pm at Lannin Funeral Home Smiths Falls. Members attending please meet by 6:45 pm.

LEGION NEWS – Poppy Remembrance

2021 Marks the 100th Anniversary of the iconic Poppy symbol of Remembrance. One hundred years ago, the precursor to the Royal Canadian Legion officially recognized the Poppy as Canada’s lasting symbol of Remembrance. A century later, the Legion is commemorating this historic milestone. The Merrickville Legion has a limited supply of Poppy pins that can […]

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August 1 NORAD was formed in 1957.August 9 is Canadian Peacekeepers DayAugust 12 is International Youth DayAugust 15 was the Victory over Japan in 1945August 19 was the Dieppe Raid in 1942

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By Natural Health Findings — “I wish this day was over already” —Did you know why we yawn?The most popular, but likely wrong, theory is that yawning increases levels of oxygen to the brain. A more plausible theory: Yawning cools the brain down. A study conducted on mice found that as mice sucked in air, […]

The Old Town Hall (Part 2)

One of Merrickville’s residents (Mary Pearson) remembers the silent movies shown in the hall. She was the piano player for the movies and she reportedly played for Alexander Graham Bell. Mary was the daughter of foundryman William Pearson and granddaughter of lockmaster John Johnston. Mary was very active in the affairs of the village for […]

The Old Town Hall (part 1)

(From an Article in the Historical Society Newsletter Vol 7 #3 2009) Merrickville Legion Br245 used to be the Old Town Hall which was built around 1856 as the Township seat for Wolford Township. The Hall was designed by Samuel Langford, one of the fine stone craftsmen brought to Canada to work on the Rideau […]

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June 6 is Canadian Armed Forces Day so please say THANK- You for their ServiceTo this CountryJune is Pride MonthJune 4,1940 Miracle at DunkirkJune 6 ,1944 Normandy Invasion (D-Day)June 14 World Blood Donor DayJune 21 Father’s Day—we wish all the Fathers a Happy Father’s DayJune 21 National Indigenous People’s DayJune 27 Canadian Multiculturalism Day July […]